Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Enable the Create Translator recipe for all projects.

Well I am back using the Software Factories, and currently using the the Web Client Software Factory June 2007 and the Web Service Software Factory Modelling Edition 2008 CTP both in Visual Studio 2008 Team System. They are defenetly the best way to enforce, teach good patterns to your teams to deliver a good set of maintanable code.

Our agile approach meant that we needed to have installed both factories side by side on the same machine and to overcome the issue that the GAX / GAT is only able to run in either 2005 or 2008 (Orcas) I decided to run WCSF in 2008 following the instructions of Ezequiel.

The Web Client Software Factory does not have the Create Translator recipe so whilst I could translate my model to my data contracts in the WSSF i could not translate my Datacontracts to my client model. After a bit of playing around I have managed to enable it, so here are the steps:
1. Have installed the Web Service Software Factory. :)

2. Modify the file:
%Program Files%\Microsoft Service Factory V3\Guidance Package\Recipes\Binding.xml



3. Close all instances of Visual Studio.
4. Open Visual Studio , go to Guidance Packages and add the Web Service Software Factory.
Note: If it is already there remove it and added it again to refresh the bindings
5. In the project you are creating add a folder “GeneratedCode".

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FredAtMicrosoft said...

Looks like you've got a pretty good handle on VS 2008 =) If you're interested in getting any more info on the software or bouncing some questions off of experts you might want to attend the Heroes Happen Here launch events around the US. Registration is free, and you'll get free versions of all three launch softwares by attending.

Fred Reckling
Microsoft 2008 Joint Launch Team