Friday, 2 February 2007

Web Services Testing, SOA Development: SOAtest - Parasoft

I have been looking at Parasoft's SOA testing tool, and it looks very promising it includes:

  • WS* Standards compliance testing and validation.

  • Performance testing including stats from Windows Perfmon, SNMP, and JMX Monitors.

  • Test Management support and integrations to Mercury Test Director, Rational TestManager and more.

  • Scriptless Web Services testing.

  • WS-Security, SAML, Username Token, X.509, XML Encryption, and XML Signature support.

  • UDDI support: query verification, validation, and load testing.

  • Automatic test creation from WSDL, WSIL, UDDI, HTTP Traffic, and BPEL deployment artifacts.

  • Asynchronous Testing: JMS, Parlay (X), SCP, WS-Addressing support.

  • Complete test workflow from simple single service through complex scenarios and multiple service endpoints.

  • WSDL schema and semantic verification and compliance to WS-I Basic Profile 1.1.

  • Data-driven testing through data sources (Excel, CSV, Database Queries, etc).

  • MIME/DIME Attachment support.

  • Windows Perfmon, SNMP, and JMX Monitors.

  • Detailed Report generation in HTML, XML and Text formats.

  • Real-Time graphs and charts.

  • Protocol Support

Definitely worth having a look at the flash demo.

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